Although Matt grew up regularly watching movies, his first real exposure to the power of storytelling began in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he wrote and edited one of three short films with thirty other filmmakers. It has been his goal since that trip to pursue his passion in that same spirit of wonder and curiosity while striving for excellence in all that he does. 


His first exposure to the industry began in New York City, where he worked with creative director, Kenzo Digital. The culmination of his experience there led to photographing street portraits for Beyoncé’s 2012 music Video “I Was Here” performed at the UN General Assembly for World Humanitarian Day. 


When he moved to Austin, Matt was fortunate enough to work at a production company getting firsthand experience on a variety of projects from start to finish, from corporate interviews, mini docs to short films. His highlights there include working as the cinematographer for three short films shot in Austin and Nairobi, Kenya. Now part of the freelance world, Matt works on short films, music videos, corporate interviews, commercials and promos. He has been fortunate to meet many other talented filmmakers who have been taking the time to teach and grow him in his craft. 



Outside of work, Matt enjoys watching movies with his wife, flying kites at Zilker Park, and taking pictures of dogs in cars. 


Matt currently lives and works in Austin, Texas





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